Who are we?

We are an ambitious team and our secret is represented by the people we work with (the engine of the company). We strive to always offer you the best lighting solutions. We thus offer you professional technical advice and support in choosing the products you need in your location.

What do we promote?

Since the very beginning we aimed to offer you only professional solutions from prestigious international brands that involve a wide range of LED lighting, perfectly suited for all applications, photometrical tested. We thus chose to promote the LED lighting with unique design and long service life (50,000 operating hours).

So we offer the entire range of the LED lighting solutions adapted to any installation environment:

  • For indoor: lighting for offices, hospitals, schools, conference halls, hotels, basements, and other spaces.

  • For industrial buildings, including protection for environments with high temperature and potentially explosive.

  • For outdoor: public lighting, airports, façade lighting projectors which highlight the architectural details.

  • Specially adapted lighting for hypermarket or fashion stores.

  • Domestic: bulbs, recessed lighting fitting and LED spotlights, mini projectors, and other light fittings.

Why choose the MEGALED.RO ?

Wherever you may be, whether you are at home or at the office, on the site or underground, in an industrial hall or a Hypermarket, in a park or at a pool, we are sure that you want the best lighting for your eyes, which will not affect your view, but also to reduce energy costs for the lightening fittings that you choose to use.

It is well known that a good light helps you to always obtain what you want. In addition, you have a 2 years warranty for all the products and the investment you make pays the cost of electricity in a very short time.

We ensure constant professional technical aid as well as transporting the products to your clients or at any work site you request.

We offer technical support during your projects, by conducting technical –lighting studies in which we also consider the depreciation of the equipment.

Our website will help you find the most effective and also the cheapest LED lighting solutions.

In our online shop we have selected the best manufacturers in order to illuminate all of the space in which you work every day: your company, warehouse, production space, outside, and why not: your home. We offer you the best prices, prices that correspond entirely to the fair values of quality, performance and product design.

Also, every month you will find on this website attractive promotions and significant price reductions for LED fixtures or LED components and accessories.

Do you want to convince yourself that what we say is exactly as you expect it to be? You can call us anytime at the phone numbers available on the website, or you can send us an email. We will gladly answer any question regarding our products and we will be happy to help you with your choices.




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